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medical transcription training and training for healthcare management and medical data management at Indus Infocom





We are dedicated to helping the Healthcare Industry through quality education by training qualified specialists. We believe that quality education can open doors for better employment opportunities. Hence, we provide a comprehensive, cost-effective program that can be used by anyone who wishes to be a part of the fastest growing Healtcare industry. Our dedication to excellence is evident in everything we do. If you are ready to make a commitment to a career in Healthcare Sector and want a career that will last a lifetime, contact us to start training for chosen career in Healthcare Sector.


Medical Transcription Training at Indus Infocom BPO, Bhopal, India

Medical transcription has been a very rapidly growing industry and has been classified as an IT enabled service. It is the process whereby one accurately and swiftly transcribes medical records dictated by doctors in the USA. Usually, the information dictated by doctors is recorded either into tape or onto digital voice processing systems. This is then sent to MT companies overseas where the Medical transcriptionist transfers this information in text document/word document and sends it back to doctors overseas. Since this information is associated with medical field it is called Medical Transcription and the professionals are termed as Medical Transcriptionists.

Duration: 4 months, 5 hours a day, 5 days a week
Eligibility: 10+2, graduates, postgraduates (any stream i.e. Commerce, Arts, Bio, Maths), unemployed, working executives., housewives

Fluency in English (understanding and written) Fluency in spoken English is not required.No prior computer knowledge is required.

A Medical Transcriptionist transcribes dictation from doctors. For this, he/she is trained in:
* Medical terminology
* English language including its usage, grammar, punctuation & style
* Listening skills & concentration powers
* Diverse accents, dialects & varying dictation styles
* Handling of transcription equipment

Medical transcriptionists with experience become editors,quality analysts, proofreaders, account heads, production managers, trainers, supervisors, and/or can start individual MT units.


Training for healthcare managers at Indus Infocom, a leading Indian BPO, Bhopal

The demand for better services for patient care is increasing day by day. Therefore, the focus of the Healthcare sector is now on how better services could be delivered more effectively, to reduce costs, improve quality, guarantee patient satisfaction, and use the available resources in order to enhance quality of care. For this purpose, of late, most of the hospitals are opting to employ efficient Healthcare Managers who can help in running the Hospital Administration smoothly, as well as save the precious time of Doctors to fulfill medical responsibilities.

HM’s assist the doctors in their day-to-day activities, their medical transcription, maintaining their data of patients, their PR work, insurance, patient handling and hospital management They are trained to integrate the work of doctors,patients and hospital management with the help of specialised softwares,their personal relationship and thorough understanding of the hospital management system to create a smooth management system encapsulating the work schedule of doctors, demands of patients and the management of hospitals.

A Healthcare Manager at Indus is trained in:

  • Medical word building, medical specialties, and pharmacology.
  • Anatomy and physiology of human body along with medical words, diseases and conditions, symptoms, treatments, laboratory tests, abbreviations, vocabulary, sound alikes, and usage of softwares for verification of medical terms and drugs.
  • Medical transcription with audio dictations from doctors.
  • Software handling, EMR handling, Laboratory information system, Radiology information system, internet usage related to Hospital Administration, Patient registration; Appointment scheduling; Admission/discharge/transfer; OPD; Patient relations; Doctors workbench; Clinic specialties; Health care packages; Patient billing; Hospital administration, arranging seminars/conferences.

Duration: 4 months, 5 hours a day, 5 days a week.
Eligibility: 10+2, graduates, postgraduates (any stream i.e. commerce, arts, bio, maths), unemployed, working executives, medical transcriptionists. Good communication skills is an added advantage.

Healthcare managers advance by moving into more responsible and higher paying positions, such as assistant or associate administrator, department head, or CEO, or by moving to larger facilities. Some experienced managers also may become consultants or professors of health care management.


Medical Data Processing training at Indus Infocom, Bhopal, India

It is very difficult for doctors to maintain the records of patients accurately and extract it instantly when needed. The data is scattered either in files, PCs, papers or elsewhere. Medial data management is collection of complete patient record from the doctor and customization into very compact, specially designed software, so that all the information is stored at one place facilitating the doctor to access it anytime and anywhere.

The trainees are trained in the medical terminologies, drugs and their dosage, operative procedures, different types of reports and its formats and all the microscopic and macroscopic nuances of medical industry. This facilitates in generating error free reports.

A thorough knowledge of computers operation and programming is given to facilitate the entry of required database. These skills combined with medical know how help the creation of customized databank according to requirement of medical professionals.

Duration: 3 months, 5 hours a day, 5 days a week.
Eligibility: 10+2, graduates, postgraduates (any stream i.e. commerce, arts, bio, maths), unemployed, working executives, medical transcriptionists.

If a person has successfully completed training of Medical Transcription,  the other options  associated with Healthcare sector, are also open to him apart from Medical Transcription.. 

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