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fact sheet of indus infocom as a medical transcription and BPO firm


 Our Fact Sheet



Full name of the Medical Transcription (MT) company:
Indus Infocom (I) Pvt. Ltd.

Postal address of the registered company:
74, Kochhar Arcade, Zone-II, M.P. Nagar, Bhopal (M.P.), India

Name of the country that the MT company is registered in:

Name of the city that the MT company is registered in:

Postal address of the main production center:
74, Kochhar Arcade, Zone-II, M.P. Nagar, Bhopal (M.P.), India

Country that the production center is located in:

Name of the state that the MT company is located in:
Madhya Pradesh (MP)

Name of the city that your MT company is located in:

Landline phone number of the main production center with STD code:
0755-4274017, 0755-2762918

Fax number of the main production center with STD code

Website address of the MT company:

Date on which the MT company was started:

Name of the contact person:
Ms Nupur Singh

Designation of the contact person:

Mobile phone # of the contact person:
09826024487, 09425302215

Email ID of the contact person:

Secondary email ID of the contact person:

No of days in a week that the production center is operating presently
6 days

What is the measurement of area of your MT center(s) in square feet?
25000 sq. feet.

No of shifts in a day that the production center is operating presently
One - 8 a.m. to 6 p.m

What MT workflow softwares have you worked on so far?

What MT-related softwares do you have presently in your company?
Whole series of Stedman's for different specialities.
QuickLook Drug Reference
Instant Text
Webster's New World

List the various MT-related reference books that you might have
Whole series of Stedman's for different specialities.
QuickLook Drug Reference
Mosby's Medical Dictionary
Webster's New World

Where did your employees get trained in MT

If trained in-house, then please explain in detail about the method of training implemented to your employees.

Medical transcription is both an exacting science and an artistic accomplishment. It is important to have a combination of skill including spelling, proofreading, knowledge of medical terminology, and typing, and a firm background in English grammar, structure, and style. The successful medical transcriptionist has both accuracy and speed: A broad knowledge of anatomy: and a thorough knowledge of medical, surgical, drug, and laboratory terms. In addition, it is important to know how to use medical and non-medical reference material.

A medical transcriptionist transcribes dictation. For this, he/she is trained in:
A. Medical terminology.
B. English language including its usage, grammar, punctuation & style.
C. Listening skills & concentration powers.
D. Diverse accents, dialects & varying dictation styles.
E. Skills to operate required word processing dictation & transcription equipment.

Module 01:
Introduction to medical transcription, medicolegal issues, software and various teaching aids being used; study of medical report types.

Training imparted:
The basics of medical transcription.
The requirements in the personality of a medical transcriptionist.
Medicolegal issues concerning transcribed reports.
Report styles in medical transcription.
Typing tutor and instructions in its use as an aid to learning typing and increasing typing speed.
The use of typing tutor continues for the duration of the training.
The use of foot pedals and dictation-playing software.

Module 02:
Medical word building, medical specialties and pharmacology.
Introduction to guidelines in AAMT Book of Style.

Training imparted:
The basic elements of a medical word.
The medical prefixes.
The medical suffixes.
The medical word roots.
Building medical terminology.
The medical specialties.
Pharmacology and drug classification.
The use of online drug reference software.
The use of AAMT Book of Style for study of grammar and reference.

Module 03:
Medical specialty of Dermatology

Training imparted:
The structure and function of skin (under the medical specialty of dermatology)

Module 04:
Medical specialty of Ophthalmology

Module 05:
Medical specialty of Otorhinolaryngology

Module 06:
Medical specialty of Pulmonology

Module 07:
Medical specialty of Cardiology

Module 08:
Medical specialty of Gastroenterology

Module 09:
Medical specialty of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Module 10:
Medical specialty of Urology

Module 11:
Medical specialty of Orthopedics

Module 12:
Medical specialty of Endocrinology

Module 13:
Medical specialty of Neurology

Training imparted:
In Modules 4 through 13 the trainee is trained in the respective specialty along the lines of MODULE 3.

Module 14:
Medical specialty of Psychiatry

Module 15:
Medical specialty of Oncology

Module 16:
Medical specialty of Radiology

Module 17:
Medical specialty of Hematology and Pathology

Module 18:
Medical specialty of Immunology

Training imparted:
In MODULES 14 through 18 and their respective specialties, the trainees are given: Detailed introduction of the specialty The combining forms, abbreviations, sound-alike and look-alikes, vocabulary, diseases and conditions, assessment, tests, procedures and drugs pertaining to the specialty

10+2 , graduates , post graduates.
The trainees are selected after giving three consecutive tests for English (basic), English (advanced) and audio tests. Only those who get an aggregate of 85% in these tests are finally selected

4 Months, 5 hours a Day, 5 days a week. Plus one month OJT (on the job training)

All trainees are absorbed directly in our company as well as we have tie up with leading MT companies for placements of trained MT’s.. The placement cell assist the trainee in getting the best placement opportunity in these leading MT companies of India.

Brief profile of your production manager
The Production Manager is a post graduate in Mathematics and has been trained in our company, has been working with us since inception(8 years). He is very passionate about work, excellence, professionalism, commitment and has a tremendous sense of responsibility. Has the much required multi focal management skills. All these attributes make him an ideal Production Manager.

Name and a brief profile of your HR manager
The HR manager manages is a post graduate in English literature and Russian language .The total administration of the company right from interviews, recruitment, seminars, advertisement, planning, organizing, liasioning with other MT units, client handling, development of new beneficial strategies and their implementation, manpower management, co-ordination between different wings of the company etc.She has done training in Medical Transcription from our company and is a competent OA too.This makes her understand and execute her job as HR manager in an excellent way.

What are the expansion plans?
The company is focused on the MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTION field at its core

Indus Infocom has always strived to meet the growing demands of Healthcare Industry and BPO sector. Having successfully established ourselves in Medial Transcription Industry, we are now venturing into new areas of this industry like Medical Coding, Medical Billing, EMR (Electronic Medical Recording), Healthcare Management (Assisting doctors in their daily routine and Administration of Hospitals), Keyboarding Skills (operation of computer keyboard fluently, touch typing), Data Processing (Medical), Data Management of Healthcare Professionals as well as outsourcing of manpower who are skilled and trained in different facets of Healthcare Industry to meet its growing demand.

The oxygen of Healthcare Industry is its manpower. That is why we are focusing on excellent training because only then would we able to increase the existing volumes to a greater height, accuracy as well as our credibility for excellent work.

How many computers do you have presently in your MT company(ies)?
80 systems

Give us the hardware configuration of the computers that you presently have. Please give us breakup of # of computers if you have different configurations?
P-IV, 3.0 GHZ, 512 MB RAM, 80 GB HDD, DVD Writer & Tower type cabinet, AMD 2800+512 MB RAM, 80 GB HDD, DVD Writer & Tower type cabinet

Give us details about internet connectivity(ies) that you have presently.
Airtel 512 kbps & BSNL 512 kbps

Please give us reference about your existing clients. If you do not want to reveal the name, then create a dummy name but please do mention the amount of work that you are executing for them. Please do not forget to mention the location of your client too.
We are bound by rules of confidentiality. One client is based in Delhi and we handle about 10,000 lines of volume for them, one in Mumbai and we handle about 1000 lines for them ,one in Hyderabad and we are doing approximately 1000 lines for them and the fourth is based in USA and we handle about 2000 lines for them.

Number of lines/day presently executed by your company (if any)
15,000 lines

Spare capacity in number of lines/day that you think you would be able to execute
5,000 lines

Is there anything else that you would want us to know about your company that might help us shortlist your company?
Indus Infocom is into Medical Transcription for the last seven years and has provided quality training to people who are looking forward to a career in MT. We have trained over 500 people.

Thorough research and experience of seven years has enabled us to capture all the important aspects required for enhancement of skills in services for Healthcare sector as well as BPO sector.

We have developed unique, simple, precise, and most effective capsules for imparting knowledge, in minimum time period, for all those who are interested grow along with ITES sector

Indus Infocom (I) Pvt.Ltd. is part of the Indus Group Of Companies which is into real estate, ITES and tourism.

Indus Builders & Developers is a well-known name for giving some very well located and planned colonies to the city of Bhopal,Indore, Agra. The parent company is able to provide a solid financial foundation to Indus Infocom (I) Pvt. Ltd., it’s sister concern.

Indus Holidays and Tours is a well-known name in field of tourism in Bhopal and it handles all kind of tourism related activities, both inbound and outbound.

Indus Infocom (I) Pvt Ltd., is ITES segment of the company, is located in Bhopal, primarily providing services of Medical Transcription and BPO services serving clients from the United States and India.

Our solutions improve physician interaction and efficiency while simultaneously generating savings for our clients. We are devoted to providing comprehensive and creative solutions that seamlessly integrate into our clients existing daily workflow.

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