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Medical data processing at Indus Infocom


 Medical Data Processing



In many countries worldwide, patient’s records are maintained on the electronic media. It facilitates better interaction between a doctor and the patient as well as with the other members of the healthcare industry.

In India, the records of the patients are maintained mostly on paper and even in places where it is maintained on electronic media, only partial information is saved on a electronic media and the rest information is still on paper.

World is one global space now. To be compatible with the norms of the healthcare industry of world, it is very important that we follow the norms and protocol followed globally.

Data Management is the first step towards it. The patient data is generally scattered either in files, PCs, papers or elsewhere The database of patients ,Doctors and Healthcare professionals is collected and processed into programs that are created with the objective of customizing the handwritten work into digital text, by typing them out in the pre-designed formats to facilitate convenience and simplification of search and store.

A patient’s data generally comprises of the following fields:
* Category
* Patient’s ID number
* Patient’s IP number
* Name
* Age
* Address
* Phone No
* Nature of reference
* Referred by
* Address of the referring doctor
* Date of admission
* Date of discharge
* Date of surgery
* Diagnosis code
* Diagnosis
* Procedure code
* Procedure
* Indications
* Implementations
* Findings
* Image path
* Operation path
* Complications
* Follow up visit
* Payment details, etc

Medical Data Processing enables Healthcare professionals to effectively and efficiently store huge amounts of data, its extraction instantly, and easy access.

Data entry is done by highly skilled MT’s at Indus Infocom who are trained specially in the medical glossary and are all well versed with the medical terminologies, drugs and their dosage, operative procedures, different types of reports and its formats and all the microscopic and macroscopic nuances of medical industry. This ensures error free data entry which is crucial to Healthcare Industry.

We are into Medical Transcription for last eight years. Each day, we transcribe dictation of hundreds of doctors all over the world .This makes INDUS INFOCOM an ideal company whom you can trust with your valuable patient information and be rest assured that their handling will be best as per norms, rules and regulations of medical industry.

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