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Advantage indus infocom


 Advantage Indus




An organization is a reflection of its investments into itself. At Indus Infocom, we believe in providing the best and optimum facilities to our staff and our office environment and work floor reflect this outlook.

  • 365 x 24 x 7 medical transcription and business process outsourcing operations
  • A strong BPO operations management team
  • Low attrition (high employee retention) , critical in ensuring quality outsourcing service to our overseas clients
  • Proven track record for delivering outstanding quality of service
  • Provide services in stringent Turn Around Times (TAT) Requirements of 6 to 12 Hours
  • Highly qualified, experienced and customer focused management team
  • Large infrastructure providing us the competitive edge in instantly starting services for a new client
  • Scalable operations to meet ramp-up requirements of customers.
  • Ergonomically designed state-of-the-art facility with 100% power generation and UPS backup.
  • DSL for downloading of voice files and uploading of transcribed files
  • 80 workstations dedicated to Medical  Transcription ad its BPO services ls backed up by suitable servers and customized workstations.
  • Continuous monitoring and evaluation of the performance of each Medical transcriptionist / Quality Analyst
  • Two levels of quality check on each transcription before delivery to the client, ensuring 98.5% quality
  • Adhering to the highest standards to maintain the security and confidentiality of medical records.
  • Training imparted to medical trancriptionists as per the AAMT guidelines.
  • Complete Quality Management System training provided to all employees.
  • Capabilities/expertise of handling large-scale training operations including training in CRM, Quality Management, Personality Development and Attitude building, Medical Transcription/general transcription, English Keyboarding.
  • Appreciation letters, quality charts, accuracy reports from our clients worldwide speak of our excellence which is the signature of INDUS INFOCOM.

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